Wall Shelf WS-Deluxe S/M/L - Handmade by Friendly Society


The Wall Shelf Deluxe in the perfect and noblest solution for the presentation – storage of small (S), medium (M) or large (L) exhibits.

In our 3 Deluxe-Galleries you will find a selection of high quality wall shelves made of different types of precious wood (European, American and African plantation wood) in various sizes. Every shelf is unique and was hand made in our workshop. After the final fine sanding the shelf is bathed in a natural wood-oil and repeatedly polished. That way the wood retains its natural colour, highlighting the typical grain in a superior lustre.

Please inquire about ordering your own individual shelf, or visit us in the Friendly Society. Here you will find a large selection of different types of wood and various sizes.



The special eyelet support (two drill holes) is suited for light to heavy exhibits (20kg).



The following table will help you find a selection of our various wood types.




 Type of woodabbreviationon stock

Berlinia (West Africa)BerS

Alder (America)


Erle (Europa)ERL


Ash (Europe)ESM

Cherry (Europe)euKM / L

Milicia (Africa)KamM

Walnut (Europe)NL

Guibourtia (Africa)


Birds of Eye Maple (Europe)rAS

Northern Red Oak (Europe)REL

Missanda (Africa)TaS

Microberlinin (Africa)ZebM

Black Walnut (America)aNM / L

Please note! This is not an online store. If you need price information or have any questions about the individual products, please visit us in the Friendly Society, call us (+49 (0) 30 280 461 90) or send us an email to: art@friendlysociety.de