Wall Shelf WS-Classic 10 - Handmade by Friendly Society


The wall shelf Classic 10 is the ideal solution for the presentation of small exhibits.

You can order Wall Shelf Classic 10 also by mail: free shipping within Germany


WS-Classic 10

Our economically priced wall shelf WS Classic 10 (Alder) is available in the size: H4 x D8 x W10 cm and with different colours.

The special mount eyelet openings (two drill holes) are suitable for light to heavier exhibits (20kg). The mountings are completely covered when the pedestal is in place.

Included in the delivery are 1 wall pedestal, 2 screws, 2 duple, 1 stencil, 1 velvet bag.

Choose the wood shade for your exhibit.


  colourwood shade

size (HxDxW)       

abbrev.      price


4 x 8 x 10cmCL-N€ 20,00



4 x 8 x 10cm

CL-B€ 25,00


oak (light)4 x 8 x 10cmCL-EH€ 25,00


oak (medium)4 x 8 x 10cmCL-EM€ 25,00


oak (dark)4 x 8 x 10cmCL-ED€ 25,00


cherry4 x 8 x 10cmCL-K€ 25,00


mahogany (light)4 x 8 x 10cmCL-MH€ 25,00

mahagony (dark)4 x 8 x10cmCL-MD€ 25,00

walnut (light)4 x 8 x 10cmCL-NH€ 25,00

walnut (dark)4 x 8 x 10cm CL-ND€ 25,00


teak4 x 8 x 10cmCL-T€ 25,00

grey4 x 8 x 10cmCL-G€ 25,00


white (glazed)4 x 8 x 10cmCL-W€ 25,00

black4 x 8 x 10cmCL-S€ 28,00

All prices include 19% value added tax

If you have any questions please send an e-mail to: art@friendlysociety.de



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