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Vilorija is a luxury brand based in Paris...L.A. / London and now in Berlin !!!


New collection “Prêt-à-Voyager” (“Ready-to-Travel”)

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collection “BLUME”

Vilorija presented her S/S collection during Los Angeles Fashion Week. The line was very well received by buyers, media and members of the press. Described as chic, Parisian, feminine, classy, aristocratic and elegant. "The Vilorija line crosses femininity with a chic Parisian edge" - Lucky Contributor Magazine. In 2012, Vilorija debuted her collection "I’ll Be Your Mirror” at the famed Gower Studios in Hollywood during L.A. Fashion Week.


Vilorija’s collections were presented at the Cannes Film Festival in 2012 and 2013. During the Cannes Film Festival, Vilorija showcased her collection at the Hotel Carlton. The star-studded event introduced the line to many A-List celebrities. Paris Hilton, a fan of the line, left with the entire Vilorija SS collection. Vilorija's runway presentation at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival was held at the famous luxury Villa Oxygène, an event was organized by the Jackson Family Foundation.



“Blume” is very romantic, elegant, feminine collection. 
It’s a very attractive, fresh and sweet look, perfect for chic, sophisticated, classy, women.
*It is a very luxury collection of the highest quality, made of the best quality French silk. 
Many pieces are hand-embroidered with French glass beads, and with hand-made silk roses.
Each piece is accessorized with purse and hair accessory in the matching color and style.
Purses are made of the best quality leather, hand-embroidered with French glass beads.
Each piece also has very chic matching hair accessories, made of the best quality leather or silk.
Matching purses and hair accessories makes the whole look very feminine, glamorous and very romantically Parisian-chic.




Vilorija designer, Jelena Vujanovic, graduated with fashion design in Paris, from the prestigious fashion academy Studio Berçot. Jelena also studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Belgrade, and attended intensive fashion design courses at Saint Martin's College of Art and Design in London. Jelena's education continued at the famous Sorbonne University in Paris, where she studied Fine Arts. Before starting the Vilorija brand, Jelena worked in Paris for many prestigious Parisian Fashion Designers, where she refined and developed her style. 
Jelena has been regarded by the foreign press as a "Citizen of the World" "Jelena is a big traveler, inspired by beauty, art and the charm of various cities across the globe.” Jelena usually finds inspiration for her collections through music. All of her collections have been homage to various musicians, bands and specific songs. Her 2013 collection  "I'll Be Your Mirror", was inspired by Velvet Underground and Lou Reed. Her 2014 collection “Blume” was named after a song by Berlin band Einsturzende Neubauten. Video of the fashion show with parts of the song “Blume” was published on Einstruzende Neubauten official website.