- Frames (silver/golden leaf):



Framing is the classical way to show your work of art to its best advantage.

Our hand plated silver or gold plated wooden slat frames are noble and ageless, as well as being ecologically harmless. Beside the very plain profiles, we offer you three Berliner wooden slats that are made according to old original recipes, form and shapes from the 19th century.

The Berlin Slat is characteristic of a frame type that was created roughly between 1830 and 1880. The profile stems from the empire style. It is usually made of pine and finished with chalk primer upon which the poliment is applied in four to six layers with a red or black bolius. Following this the slat is covered with leaf silver and polished immediately with agate stone. The frame then gives the impression it’s made of founded massive metal. Usually the outer border wasn’t silver coated but rather for reasons of saving painted in ochre colour. We can offer you both varieties.

The poliment (underground primer) can be applied in various shades and influence the frames overall impression from warm to cool. You can choose from the following colour shades, yellow, white, bright light blue, black, grey, oxide red, reddish brown, green an old rose. The poliment gold plating is a natural and ecologically safe surface ennoblement. All the materials are of natural origin and do not steam out harmful gasses; good grounds for the environmentally conscious art lover to choose the traditional gold plating technique.

The sizes quoted are standard sizes and serve to show the approximate cost of the individual frame. All prices relate to the frame (silver plated) itself without glass. In our category ► picture glass you can choose the appropriate glass for your frame.


 Profile 704Profile 703

Profile 712

H36/B54mm - innen H16mmH28/B38mm - innen H12mmH23/B25mm - innen H8mm 


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