EXIT by JuanOfaKind @ FS


Underground Punk Haut Culture!







EXIT is a landmark in the ever growing Berlin avant-garde fashion scene, a collaboration between the dynamic artistic visions of designer-musician-DJ Juan Chamié and performance-artist-musician-writer Mad Kate. Located in the heart of Kreuzberg, at Wienerstrasse 32, 10999 Berlin, Germany, EXIT is open from Monday through Saturday, noon to 8 pm, or upon appointment. The front showroom boutique is a stunning example of how designer and artist have integrated worn art with music and performance.

Sifting through the many treasures found at EXIT, one will discover hand-printed dresses and bold gowns, tailored suits, knitwear and trousers with cutting-edge flair. Accessories such as capes, scarves and masks add a daring angle to the assortment. Ranging in price and size, EXIT offers an affordable opportunity to choose from a variety of handmade couture, printed shirts, bags and fabrics. Featuring one collection per year, EXIT produces an unforgettable fashion show each summer, showcasing its fresh approach to fashion—always with attention to performative presentation.