Picture Glass


The ideal presentation of your art work depends on the right selection of glass.

Framing behind glass is always appropriate as protection against surface grime, handling contact and environmental influence. We are presenting four types of glass which meet diverse requirements for lighting, breakage resistance and stability at fair prices.

The prices and sizes quoted below can be used as an orientation; they are standard sizes and reflect the approximant cost.


Floatglass  -  standard normal glass used for simple framing where a reflecting surface is of minor importance. (Low cost solution without special requirements).

Claryl  -  a new non-reflection technology for clear glass, both sided, with a high degree of transmission and negligible rest reflection.


Please note! This is not an online store. If you need price information or have any questions about the individual products, please visit us in the Friendly Society, call us (+49 (0) 30 280 461 90) or send us an email to: art@friendlysociety.de